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A renovated and sustainable home thanks to wood.

José Serrano’s home, memories and personal belongings were ravaged by a fire in autumn 2017. He was left with nothing. As of 2019, he is enjoying a refurbished and sustainable home.

Savia collaborated with the materials for the project, which was carried out by the Galician studio MOL Arquitectura, using wooden construction systems for the reconstruction to speed up and reduce the cost of the process.

And, thanks to the use of our materials, which have sustainability seals, the result is a building with a negative carbon footprint and the highest energy rating.

With respect for the building’s history being a priority, in order to restore its traditional character, some carpentry and parts of the facade were removed to recover an old corridor. The essential construction material used for this was pine wood, placed next to the original stonework of the building, and also used for the kitchen furniture, bathrooms, flooring on the upper floor and various decorative details, such as the staircase handrail.

You can find all the details about the construction and the materials used here. aquí.

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