Balance, the highest of goals.

It should go without saying that maintaining the relationship between the different elements of nature is vital for guaranteeing their survival. However, there are many who still doubt that a significant change to this balance could lead to the disappearance of various species and even the destruction of a large part of this habitat. And, consequently, an irreversible impact on our richness.

It is a challenge for the scientific society to convince these people that it is human action that will end up causing much greater harm.

And it is precisely by helping to inform, educate and convey the value of each element that we can better understand the importance of this balance, by positioning nature as a core part of the education of youth.

An example of this is the Galician pine, whose value to the ecosystem in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula has been demonstrated in numerous scientific and cultural studies, which highlight its importance for people and social development.

The latter is also favoured by the activity of the forestry industry, which combines science, culture and economy to develop a sustainable and integrated production model in our society, guiding it towards a more optimal development.

In the era of greatest innovation, wood is at its peak. Understand the keys.


A renovated and sustainable home thanks to wood.


Juan Garaizábal, wood at its best at ARCO 2021.

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